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From behind bars to business and beyond

Marc Vicente, Tri-City Voice

Dec 14, 2021

"You have everything it takes to make anything you want happen in your life."

"You have everything it takes to make anything you want happen in your life." These words changed local digital marketing entrepreneur, Michael Galindo, into the person he is today. When Galindo was young, he did well in school, enjoyed listening to music with his family and had a knack for engineering inspired by his father's job as a mechanic. When a local group, infamous for gang activities, defended Galindo after school bullies threatened to hurt him, he felt indebted to them. After taking part in some of their antics, he was arrested. "There was a moment in high school I remember where I felt like I needed to be friends with someone who would help me in the future," Galindo stated, as he reminisced on his high school years. "When I was in jail, I realized my life could go in one of two ways. The first is I can stay cooped up in jail to support theses 'friends' I had, and the second is I can come out and do something better with my life. I followed my heart and chose the second option." Once Galindo got out, he started working for a furniture sales company, and eventually worked his was up to become manager. One of his coworkers thought he was too skilled the position, se she introduced him to her husband, who hired Galindo to work in Sutter Healthcare as a facility manager. With over seven years of work experience under his belt, Galindo eventually decided it was time to pursue a career that leaned more toward his passions. Starting out by designing websites, Galindo took on the multiple jobs, including engineering, plumbing electrical and carpet cleaning. He then opening up The Digital Marketing Agency, which mainly deals with marketing consulting and advertising management for clients of both small and large companies. A notable project this agency contributed to was a virtual New Year's Event, Unity Concert Series, where he took part in marketing campaign promoting celebrities like Snoop Dogg. Ever since, Galindo has been recognized as a certified Digital Marketing Professional and as a Professional Certified Marketer by the Digital Marketing Institute and the American Marketing Association respectively. The Digital Marketing Agency's work would sometimes coincide with Galindo's own music production company - Mike Galindo Productions. Founding the company after taking salsa classes in 2013, he started teaching his own classes and filled other roles for the music industry under the name DJ Magic Mike. Through sponsors like Hard Rock Cafe and MGD Productions, Galindo has DJed for places like Marriott and Hornblower cruise ship lines, which helped him become known as one of the top DJs in the Bay Area for Bachata, a music genre from the Dominican Republic. "It's really interesting to me how in the moment working all these different careers, I didn't know how they were going to make sense for me in the future." Galindo says"As long as you find something you're really good at and also really passionate about, and figure out how to make it marketable, then your job won't really feel like work to you." Learn more about Galindo's work at: Source Link:

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